Know the Facts About Michigan's Roads:

Q: Aren't we already spending money on roads?


A: Michigan has the lowest per capita investment in infrastructure in the country. This means we’re spending the least amount per person on our roads in the entire country, and it shows. [1]


Q: How does lack of road funding affect people in our community?


A: The average Michigan resident pays $357 annually in unnecessary repairs to their vehicles due to road conditions. [2]


Q: Isn't the legislature already addressing this issue?


Although the legislature is talking about a one-time investment in roads, it will not make up for the more than 11 BILLION DOLLARS in deferred maintenance our roads need. [2]


Q: I thought we had a state budget surplus. Can't that money be used to fix our roads?


A: Governor Snyder is proposing a one-time, election-year tax rebate for residents instead of prioritizing things like our long-term infrastructure needsYou can click here to sign the petition to urge him to use that money to invest in our infrastructure.




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In the News:

Kalamazoo area state house candidate creates website dedicated to Michigan potholes, (3/3/14)

Jon Hoadley speaks with WKZO host Jim McKinney about our community's potholes.

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Website allowing Michigan drivers to vent pothole frustrations launched by state Rep. candidate Jon Hoadley, (2/27/14)

By Alex Mitchell, MLive

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